Why fat to Florence?


Well I am a bit fat at the moment. Not obese or anyhting but a bit rounder than I’d like. I’m also recovering from some health problems which really held me back in 2014. One thing that’s certain to make sure I won’t be saying the same this time next year is if I choose this year, 2015, to make good on a years old promise to myself to run a Marathon.

I decided about a month ago that the Marathon I will be training for will be the Florence Marathon, held 29th November – that gives me a decent amount of time for training. Great. Something was missing though… you see, they don’t run on Golden bond places here in Italy. They run purely for athletics. That’s admirable in itself, but I felt that there just wasn’t that same PUSH as when I did the London 10k for a local charity a few years back. So I thought… what’s stopping me from asking for sponsorship anyway, especially since I can do it with JustGiving?

So I had to pick a charity. That might be hard for many as there are so many incredible charities out there doing wonderful work, and they all need funding; but for me it was easy. Strathcarron Hospice is a charity my family and I have supported for many years, so although I am an expat living in Italy, I know what kind of amazing work the people at Strathcarron Hospice do tirelessly, year in, year out for the local community.They need to raise £65,000 every week to carry on providing the free vital care and palliative support they provide to those in the local community with terminal illnesses. They are a rock in the community for those who need it most, and I want to do my bit to make sure they can keep on doing what they do.

This blog is in part to raise awareness of the work Strathcarron Hospice does, hopefully picking up a few, however small, donations along the way. In part it will be to track my progress and the learning curve that is first time Marathon training. So stay with me, and if you are able to I would be so so grateful if you could give even a small amount to help this wonderful place stay open and keep providing care in the Stirlingshire area. You can make a donation at https://www.justgiving.com/Fat-to-Florence/ and the money goes straight to Strathcarron Hospice via the site – I do not handle it in any way, so you can be sure that anything you do give goes directly where it’s meant to.

Thanks all, and here’s to getting from fat to fit for Florence!


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