My training plan

Right, so since I’ve never done anything quite so silly as run a marathon before, I realised I needed a training plan. Not a DIY one, but one from a proper coach. I’m lucky enough to have some distance runners as friends, and one of them has very kindly agreed to help coach me through this, starting with training for a 10k in February. Training plan 1 looks like this:

Monday – rest
Tuesday – Fartlek
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – Circuits
Friday – rest
Saturday – Interval training
Sunday – Long run (10km)

For those who don’t know, Fartlek training (I think the name is Swedish for “speed play”) is a sort of interval training where you speed up and slow down depending on how your body is feeling. I like to get some good music on and run hard to the faster/louder parts, but that’s just me.

Circuits involve running 100m, doing jumping jacks, running 100m doing press-ups, running 100m doing squats… and so on with various strength exercises, repeat 3x then sprint 400m. After circuits my 400m sprint is more like a 400m plod, but oh well.

Interval training like Fartlek, but over fixed times and distances. I’m currently doing 100m hard sprinting followed by 1 minute of slow jogging to recover, multiplied by ten.

The long run is just what is says on the cover – a long, steady state run. I’ve done two 10ks since starting this, the first in 1 hour 8 and the second in 1 hour 4. Please don’t jump straight into 10ks, I had been running off and on for years (admittedly more off than on recently) before doing this.

Next steps:

See the doctor for my medical clearance to race (better to do this before starting if you haven’t done any exercise for a while)

See a nutritionist about how to balance my need to lose 10kg with my need to keep my energy levels up for running 10, then 20 then 30 and eventually 42km.

I have a couple of donations on my page for the hospice, but am of course still fare far away from hitting my fundraising goal. As always I would be so grateful if anyone can give even just £1, $1 or €1 to help the people at Strathcarron – to do so please visit

Thanks! Tomorrow onward with the journey from Fat to Florence!!!


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